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MSSQL to CSV is a tool to Convert, Migrate data from / to MS SQL Server to CSV or from CSV files to MSSQL
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15 June 2009

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SQL database administrators often need to go through extensive copying and pasting task while performing various tasks, including creating reports, uploading records over websites, and other such purposes. One of the most preferred file formats for the purpose is CSV, owing to its compatibility and easy uploading over web and with various other applications. However, manual copy pasting of data kills lots of your time and even gets frustrating to a great extent. Instead, you should opt for a convenient mode to transfer data from MSSQL to CSV file that comes to you as MSSQL to CSV Loader 3.5. The utility facilitates converting and migrating data from MSSQL to CSV, and vice-versa. You can select multiple database tables / CSV files for the respective conversion processes.

With MSSQL to CSV Loader, it becomes easier to carry out the MSSQL data to CSV file conversion task. While carrying out conversion you can actually map the source table columns with similar destination table columns. Even, you can create a session, and set schedules to run the task after specific time period. Moving to the functional part, you can get a session wizard, where you can start a new session, manage existing sessions, and learn how to use data loader. Further, it takes you through a steps series for defining several fields for establishing connection with MSSQL server; selecting required data tables; specifying destination file/database; setting loading and filter options; saving and scheduling the session; and finally begin loading. As the process begins you can check database or the destination CSV file for the updated data. The program’s main screen allows managing entire set sessions, which you can run, edit, or delete, and even can check its related logs to check the carried out conversion process.

While performing the conversion task, MSSQL to CSV Loader 3.5 supports SQL Dump files creation, Repository Database, alter Destination widths and Datatypes, Datatype mismatch checking, Long and Picture Data types, and lot more. The program delivers excellent performance that is aided by reliable feature-set, which makes it deserve a score of 4.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

MSSQL to CSV is a tool to Convert, Migrate data from / to MS SQL to CSV or from CSV files to MSSQL. You can convert multiple files in one go from MSSQL to CSV or from CSV / Delimited files to MS SQL Server database. While converting you can map source table columns to matching destination table columns. Filter rows by specifying WHERE conditions.
MSSQL to CSV Loader comes with a built in scheduler so that you can run transfer jobs at specified intervals. Now no need to run jobs repeatedly, just create a Session define the Schedule Date and Time and MSSQL to CSV Loader will automatically executes your session in the background and records the actions in a specified log file. You can later on check the log file for information.
Provides a command line interface also to run migration jobs manually so that it can be easily integrated with your own application.
All the sessions are stored in a repository. Our Loader provides a user friendly interface to manage repository. Such as taking backup and/or restore repository from a previous backup. You can also create a new blank repository in case you need it.
# Now you can create SQL Dump files
# Wizard based
# Map Source Columns to Target Table columns
# Save and Schedule of Sessions for recurring data transfers.
# No need to write any code
# Repository Database is introduced.
# Select single or multiple tables to transfer
# Select or Deselect Columns while transferring
# Change Destination Datatypes and widths
# Automatic Checking of Datatype mismatch
# Specify WHERE conditions to filter data
# Rated Best in the category by many websites
# Most Popular product in Database App. section in
# Economical costs just $99 For Standard Version
# Fully functional Trial version with just 50 rows limit is available
# Transfer Millions of rows easily and fast. That's what our existing Customers are doing
# Supports Long , Picture Data types.
MSSQL to CSV Loader
MSSQL to CSV Loader
Version 3.5
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